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Kristin Blake
11:01:02 PM
Ron went above and beyond the call of duty for me! I am a real estate agent and I will be adding him to my preferred vendors list. I will share his business card on my social media pages, recommend him/his company to anyone in need of his services. He is a wonderful human being! Thank you so very much for everything you did and for all of your hard work. I can't thank you enough! :)
12:35:50 PM
I contacted Ron this morning because we had 4 appliances we needed hauled off. He was at our house within a few hours and got rid of everything for us. It was so nice to get a quick response and quick help.
08:12:37 PM
If you want an appliance gone call Ron. He has helped me two times today and 4 years ago. He texted me back and said I will be there in 15 mins. The old fridge was gone fast. ALSO just pay the small fee to have him take it out of your house - save your back - he knows what he is doing. Don’t mess around with anyone else just call Ron!
03:53:03 PM
Texted him, he got back to me within 15 minutes. Was unable to come Sat. or Sun. but said he would be there Monday afternoon. When I got home, the fridge was gone. I would highly recommend him.
11:04:08 AM
I have had an upright freeezer in my garage for a couple months and have been trying to have it removed. I do not own a truck or trailer so can’t do it myself. I was directed to another free appliance removal company exactly 10 miles from my front door and was told they couldn’t help me. I stumbled upon Ron and texted him on not only a Sunday but Father’s Day and he responded within 20 mins and was given an 8am-9:30am window on tuesday and I got home at 8:05am and my freezer was gone! I do live in Moscow Mills so it cost me $20 but well worth it. I even posted a recommendation to Ron on my subdivision Facebook page.
10:33:31 AM
Ron is GREAT. So easy to connect with him and have him help take a former dryer that had been turned into a target for hockey pucks away to the recycle center. Two txts and presto the dryer is gone. Guarantee when the washer machine / future hockey puck target needs to go Ron will be my first call. Ron is also very modest. Almost too modest. When I asked him about the fees he nicely said there really was not one. Well none of that for me. He works hard moving all those items, so his "tip" was the best money I have spent in months! Happy to do so. Thanks Ron.
Jan Guilliams
01:29:06 PM
As was the first time we used Ron, he was very quick to respond to the text and was there within two days(texted him on the holiday) to pick up two appliances. He loaded up the trailer with no fuss and is off. He is very friendly and we will definitely use him again! He is also a vet.We are grateful for his service.