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Scott Davis
07:24:28 AM
Ron was very prompt with communications and showed up on scheduled date and time. Real pleasant person to deal with. I don't hesitate to recommend his company.
11:14:09 AM
I contacted Ron to arrange pickup of a side by side refrigerator. He responded immediately and picked up the refrigerator within an hour. He was very courteous. I definitely recommend him, and will call him again.
08:24:43 AM
Ron was able to come within a few hours of our call! He was very polite and prompt! Thank you for helping us during the stressful time of renovating and selling our home!!
Donna Thorn
10:36:17 AM
I contacted Ron to see if he could dispose of a washer that was not worth repairing. He was absolutely wonderful. He responded right away as I had the washer all in pieces in my kitchen. He was able to come and pick it up in just over 24 hours. Very courteous, respectful and honest. I would definitely call on him again should the need arise. I would recommend him to anyone.
Tara Loftus
11:33:04 AM
Ron was great! One phone call, and we agreed upon a pick up day and time. He then texted me to confirm and inform of his arrival time. He was fast and courteous and was of great help when he discovered my water valve was broken! Would much rather recycle my appliances than PAY a big box store to remove when new appliances are delivered. Thank you for your help and service Ton! I highly recommend you!
04:29:44 PM
Ron is the best... one text message and our old dryer was picked up the next day. What a great service to the community and our planet.
Thalia Stein
07:05:27 PM
I absolutely recommend Ron. He can be counted on to show up when he says so and he is so reasonably priced! He seems to know exactly how to move these appliances safely and without bumping into things. On top of all that he is so nice, and helpful. Make sure that you call the right Ron. There may be another company in town with a similar name, so make sure you call/text the number on this website. I think Ron is doing a great service to people and to the environment. He keeps these appliances out of the landfill at the same time helping people get them out of their homes at an affordable price. The average person would not be able to handle these heavy appliances. Call him even if you have an appliance that still works, you can work out a deal with him. He knows who and where may be able to use any appliance! Thank you Ron, I am so grateful that you are out there, and I never have to worry about moving an appliance, even if it is from one part of my house to the other!