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Karen Craven
09:26:52 AM
Had a great experience with Ron’s. Text him this morning to pick up a washer and dryer. He was here within the hour and our washer and dryer were gone in minutes. Would highly recommend.
02:09:04 PM
Just had my second experience using Rons Recycle Service. Once again it was a very pleasant experience. Phone calls were returned promptly. Pick up was scheduled for the following day. I received a call the next day and was informed the time of pick up. Would highly recommend this company.
02:04:47 PM
Timing was perfect today. I called Ron and he was already in my area. From the time I sent him my address to the time he left my house was only about 45 minutes. Ron was great. He was able to drain the water out of my washer. He removed both the washer and dryer for me. He was very professional. I will definitely recommend Ron to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Ron!
08:25:53 AM
I sent Ron a text and he responded immediately. Within 15 minutes he was at my home, loading up my appliances! He was very professional and courteous. I will definitely refer him to all my family and friends!
11:56:28 AM
I can’t believe how easy Ron made it to get rid of my old appliances! I texted him in the evening, and he responded quickly with clear details and directions. The next morning he showed up and took them away. Wonderful! I highly recommend!
Kristin Blake
11:01:02 PM
Ron went above and beyond the call of duty for me! I am a real estate agent and I will be adding him to my preferred vendors list. I will share his business card on my social media pages, recommend him/his company to anyone in need of his services. He is a wonderful human being! Thank you so very much for everything you did and for all of your hard work. I can't thank you enough! :)
12:35:50 PM
I contacted Ron this morning because we had 4 appliances we needed hauled off. He was at our house within a few hours and got rid of everything for us. It was so nice to get a quick response and quick help.